About Us

We are a team of technology architects and developers with backgrounds in live streaming platform and cloud technologies. We work with a mission of sharing knowledge and our experiences with all those who have a need for such content.  We are able to comprehend, evaluate and comment upon technologies as we have spent decades of building and utilizing technology components in large organizations as well as in nimble start-ups working on state of the are technologies.

We believe that technologies evolve based on usage patterns – some technologies take the fancy of users at an early stage and turn services based on those technologies into billion dollar companies. On the other hand there are technologies that are also as good but may see traction at a later stage. Growth patterns do not indicate the merit of a technology – many robust technologies have taken years to build and many more years for traction but today are still the most sought after services build leveraging those.

If you are interested to know more about what we mean – please search for Hype vs Hope curve published by Gartner.

Our endeavour in Streams2go is the best live streaming platform in US therefore to understand and interpret technologies in the way they are built and supposed to be applied. We and our team of competent authors use the right evaluation and implementation sometimes in sandboxes to create prototypes before we start interpreting and commenting on those technologies through the articles that we publish on this site.

Please feel free to write to us with comments and queries that you may have.