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Travel and tourism are important components of lifestyle. Tourism helps in learning about a new place and culture. Whether you are in a heritage city or hill station, you can capture some very good memories. You can share your experiences using a free online video platforms.

Live streaming of tourism experience helps a viewer avail the benefits of in-person tourism. The videographer must travel through the various corners of the place. During a travel expedition, he will get a glimpse of the sightseeing features. He must be able to document his journey using high quality photography. He must be able to provide information which is less known.

While making cinematic videos based on tourist destinations, you explore a new place. Moreover, you inspire others to explore the place.

How to begin with live streaming a tourism destination?

The videographer needs to provide basic introduction about the place and the ambient climate conditions. He can inspire the observer to visit the place. He can also help him take informed decisions. By following travel tips one can have best travel experience.

The videographer must never ignore relevant factual data such as average temperature. But, the presentation should look like a story, not a factual description. Include details of how the place could be accessed by railways, roadways, airways or waterways. Suggest various tips on how the journey could be made comfortable.

Live streaming sightseeing features

The videographer must be able to portray the landmarks of a tourism destination. Any background information must be narrated. The videographer can inquire the local people about the culture or unique features. He can record their interviews. He can then merge interviews with narratives before streaming the videos online.

The videographer has to invest valuable time to prepare an interesting script about every sightseeing feature. He must leave an impact through his script and voice rendition. Online viewers feel more absorbed in observing the video, when the presenter’s voice is clear. The information presented must be crisp and concise. Repetition of information must be avoided.

Expertise in video-editing features

The presenter must be able to edit the videos using smart video editing tools. Digital technology has enabled the tourist to document every important facet.

The videographer can shoot as creatively as possible. He must be able to insert special effects to highlight special moments.

The presenter must be able to embed one video inside another. He must be able to hyperlink the videos with tourism based websites.

Application of smart features such as captions and custom animations can be helpful. Using such smart features, videographers can create awesome tourism videos.

Presenting information about culture

The presenter must portray the culture of the place via interesting combinations of videos and script. He must wear the shoes of an anchor. Unique features of the place such as festivals, languages spoken, music, apparel or cuisines represent the vernacular culture. Such videos are loved by any viewer who has seen the place previously. The video shall also appeal to prospective visitors.

Many people like to conduct an online survey of the place they are planning to visit in the near future. Make your videos stand out from the unlimited collection of videos available.

Adding a touch of humor and emotion

Make your videos more interactive by adding humor in your narrative. Share any tales specific about the place or personal memories that make the viewer smile instantly.

One must know to welcome the online viewers, with a friendly approach. Use a nice background music, so that your viewer feels eager to watch the complete free online video platforms. Combine the art of storytelling with photography. Connect the viewers with what is special about the place. Share the videos with friends and acquaintances to know their reactions. Using their feedback, make suitable edits to create engaging videos.

Try to show the unexplored destinations

To differentiate your tourism video, try to include photographs of beautiful places, which are not so popular among visitors. Clicking such photographs will help you in exploring unidentified areas. It will also help you showcase your innovative approach to travel videography. Tourists will come to know something unfounded and gain a nice travel experience.

Provide answers to viewer queries

Express the purpose of your visit. Your video must be able to answer the basic question, “Why to visit this place?” Inspire your audience by telling what is so special about the particular place. As you continue let your audience explore the place. Let your audience feel inquisitive about the place. Check user reviews regularly and answer the questions posted in the comments section. Your answers should be informative and amiable.

High quality photography for influencing online viewers

Ensure that your photography is of high quality. Use sophisticated camcorder equipment. You must have awareness of parameters like aperture and shutter speed. Alternatively, you can network with a professional photographer for acquiring some high quality pictures. If there are any dynamic moments, showcase them to create a wow factor.

Insert high quality soundtrack

Background music influences online viewers. Viewers will feel more connected if you insert music. Try to show realistic issues such as feeling tired or hungry during the course of a trip. Alternatively show your expedition photos to create the feeling of online adventure.

Show the magic of tasty cuisine

Visitors might feel tired in the midst of travelling. They need healthy and delicious food to reenergize themselves. Thus tourism free online video platforms must present some helpful tips about cuisines or restaurants. Focus on the delicacies which which are representative of that place.

Guide the viewer about comfortable accommodation

Travel plans can get shuffled if visitors cant stay comfortably overnight. Include details about holiday homes and suites in your free online video platform. Provide information about how a particular lodge or hotel can be booked in advance. Describe the attractive features of the residing places like the architecture or security systems.

Guidance in itinerary planning

The video must guide future visitors in planning an itinerary during their stay. This can help them to visit maximum places in least possible time. Help your viewers to pre-plan the journey and decide the number of days required for the trip. Include information about the availability of tourist buses or information centers.

Share travel tips in your video

Travel seems to be a relaxing activity. However in reality travelers often find difficulties and get completely confused. Include travel tips such as the requirement for light garments in a tropical area or warm clothes in a snow laden area. Travel tips help to minimize troubles during the trip and maximize the enjoyment.


Tourism and travel based videography is a fine way to capture your special moments and share them online. Live streaming tourism videos requires the videographer to assume varying roles during the course of the journey.

With the help of a free online video platforms you can share your knowledge and tips with travel enthusiasts. Try to make your videos interactive by adding fun and emotions. Add a nice soundtrack to create a feeling of impersonation. Include informative content in your script and make the narrative look interesting.

Use high quality photography to click high resolution photographs. Visit the landmarks and present their specialty. Share relevant information about where to stay and where to dine. Help your viewers prepare a travel itinerary before actual visit. Provide travel tips to avoid journey hassles and earn good travel memories.