Hockey is a highly competitive team game. More than 100 nations participate in international hockey. Every hockey player uses the stick like a lever. So, he uses the hockey stick to control the motion of the ball. Hockey playing requires lots of practice. The player needs to develop multiple skills. Live coverage of hockey games provides players with the spotlight. The viewers can watch the live coverage and enjoy the action. To get best viewership experience, viewers must select the top sports live streaming platform.

FIH- The organising body for international hockey tournaments

International hockey matches are organised by International Hockey Federation(FIH). FIH world cup is the global stage for top hockey playing nations. There are qualification tournaments prior to the FIH World Cup. Out of about 100 participating nations, 16 teams qualify and compete for the top spot.

The venue for the FIH World Cup is decided much in advance of the tournament.

The spirit of nationalism

Playing national anthem of both nations is the first step prior to the gaming action. At this point, the players feel the proud moment of representing their country at a global platform.

Hockey players wear good quality attire and shoes. Thus, they feel healthy and optimistic during the game. Uniform creates a feeling of oneness amongst the team players. Winner’s trophy is rewarded to the champion. Individual players can win honours like the ‘Player of the Match’ award or ‘Best defender’ award. Team victory is like the nation’s victory. It is important to win honestly and so one must know the international rules.

Understanding the basics of the game

In a game of hockey, both teams have 16 players. On the field 11 players play, while the rest 5 are substitutes.

Out of 11 players, 4 work as midfielders. Midfielders try to dribble the ball and retain its possession.

The field

The game of hockey requires a rectangular field. Field dimensions are approximately 55m × 91.4 m.

A centre line divides the field into 2 sections. The 2 halves are further divided into 2 rectangular sections each.

Before the goalposts there is a semi-circular area.

Role of the informed viewer

Viewers distinguish the players with the colours of their uniforms. Spectators need to have basic knowledge about the sport to enjoy the match better.

While watching the game, the viewer can view the nice outfield and watch the energetic players perform. Performance data such as possession rate is displayed at the right hand side of the screen.

The average viewer evaluates a team performance on the basis of goals. Sports enthusiasts give importance to the entire gameplay.

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Team spirit

The objective of every team is to score goals. The team scoring more goals becomes the winner.

Apart from midfielders, a hockey team comprises of defenders, attackers, strikers and the goal keeper.

One side of hockey stick is curved while the other one is flat.

The player has to use only the flat side of the hockey stick while attempting a shot or passing the ball. Else, the action is considered a fowl.

The players try to keep the ball in possession . When they reach goalpost, the attacker tries to aim towards the goalpost.

A player will try to direct the ball towards a compatriot. He can do so by straight drive or lifting the ball in air.

Scoop shot

A scoop shot refers to the shot wherein player lifts the ball and the ball flies in air. A scoop shot is visually delightful.

After a tracing a parabolic curve in the air, the ball comes to the ground.

A hockey player always tries to flick the ball towards a teammate. But, player of rival team can try to attack the ball and take it into possession.

Teamwork is the key to scoring goals.

The role of goalkeeper

Goalkeeper tries to defend his goal post. Thus, he plays a significant role in the outcome. He wears a dress of different colour than his team players. He can prevent the goal being hit using his legs or by using the hockey stick.

A goalkeeper needs more protection than others. Thus he wears a helmet, gloves, leg guards and knee caps.

The role of team captain

Every team captain must know to set a good field position. The captain takes the leading stance and motivates the team.

The attacker must score goal only from within the semi-circular scoring area. Else the goal will not be counted.

There is an intermission after 35 minutes of play. The second half is also of 35 minutes.

In total, the total duration of hockey is 70 minutes.

In a game of hockey, there can be unlimited substitutions. If a player gets hurt, there must be a substitute player to replace him on field.

The role of the referee

The referee plays a major role. His decision can influence the outcome of the game.

A freehit is awarded against a team if the players have tried to intentionally shield the ball from moving into goalpost. If a player tries to indulge in dangerous activity, the referee immediately dismisses him from field.

If both teams score equal goals, the result is a draw. Extra time is awarded for penalty shootout in order to decide the winner.

Field hockey versus Ice hockey

Field hockey is played on green grassy surface. Ice hockey requires an icy surface

Ice hockey players move on roller skates while playing. It is very lovely to watch. Ice hockey players have to be perfect in skating. Ice hockey is played in frigid areas and during winter season.

Dynamic points in a game of hockey

In a game of hockey there are few engaging parts which viewers wait for.

The goal

One of the most dynamic points in hockey is when the striker hits the goal successfully.

For hitting the goal, a person must be very athletic and meticulous. His shot must be smart enough to land into the goalpost.
When a team earns a goal, the players start celebrating. These moments are crucial to foster unity and team spirit into the players.

Penalty corner

When a penalty corner is granted to a team, there is a wave of excitement among viewers. The attacking team has an opportunity for goal scoring due to reduced restrictions. There are five shooters. The shooter has only 8 seconds to make a goal. The goalkeeper has a very tough task and needs to apply solid technique.

Another dynamic point is when a player is substitution takes place.

Penalty stroke is another important point. There is just one player who tries to aim the goal. He faces the goalkeeper only. A penalty stroke is one on one tie between the striker and the goalkeeper.

A budding hockey player needs to see live streamed videos to catch the basics. Watching live action helps him reinforce the knowledge gained from a rulebook of hockey.

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Role of technology in influencing the presentation.

Technology plays a major role in influencing the sport. Watching playback before decision making adds more transparency to the game.
While watching live coverage, the viewer can check the replay and ensure no wrong decision is made.
The digital viewer of today can report if he feels that any wrong decision is taken.

With the interplay of technology, the streaming service is more effective. Visual imagery is used to highlight certain important points.

At the beginning of the game, the viewer can see the entire team line up. The commentator briefly describes the recent performances of the players.

Telecommunication technology also influences the outcome of the game.
Technology combined with sporting excellence gives a memorable viewership experience.

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