Water polo is a game where players are floating in water while passing the ball. It is a beautiful and fun filled sport for the team players as well as the viewers. Water splashes as the player moves afloat. Thus, the overall scene is quite picturesque. Water Polo is a popular game in most parts of the world. Previously, Water Polo was named ‘Football in the water’. To watch this amazing sport, viewers need to navigate the Online video platform for sports activities.

This sport combines strength with speed. It is a team sport. Water polo players are very good swimmers. They have high levels of fitness. Players have to dribble the ball constantly between goalposts.

The regulatory body for monitoring games of Water Polo is the Federation Internationale de Natation Amateur(FINA). The best water polo teams compete for the top spot in FINA Water Polo World Cup.

Water polo has featured in the Olympics sport 1900. The qualifying nations compete for the gold medal in Olympics.

The pool

The playing arena for Water Polo is a deep swimming pool. The temperature of swimming pool water must be 25°C to 27°C. The minimum depth of the pool is 6.5 feet. The pool is 98 feet in length and 65 feet in width. There are goal posts on either side of the pool. Width between the goal posts is 9.8 feet.

The team

A water polo team consists of 13 members. 6 outfield players and 1 goalie play at a time on the pool. The rest players are substitutes. A goalie is active within a 5 metre area outside of the goalposts.

Every team will have 1 centre back, 1 centre forward, 2 drivers and 2 wingers. The players wear special caps to prevent water influx into ears.

Players of a team can score goals by throwing the ball into the opponent’s goal.

The objective of every team is to score more goals than the other.


A game is held in 4 quarters, wherein every quarter is of 8 minutes.

Penalty shootout

In case of a tie, there is a penalty shootout to decide the winner. The play moves into extra time.

The ball

The ball used in Water Polo appears similar to soccer ball or association football. It is highly buoyant as it must stay afloat.

The referee

Referees monitor the game and ensure adherence to International rules of water polo. There are 2 referees in a game of water polo. The referee blows a whistle at the start of the game. Then he drops the ball from one side of the pool or releases it in the middle of the pool.

For any wrong action, the referee awards a foul. A referee can dismiss a player who does more than 3 major fouls in a single game.

Rules of the game

Initially, the players of both teams are lined up along the goal lines. The list of players is displayed for the viewers.

The game begins with a swim off. The player who grabs the ball first starts the game. Thus the game begins with a sprint. 2 sprinters from both team come towards the centre. One player grabs the ball. His team becomes the offensive side while the opponent’s team becomes the defensive side.

As the game progresses ahead, players have to keep moving constantly. For playing water polo, players must have lots of stamina. They need to raise the elbows high while passing the ball to a fellow. Players must not touch the bottom of the swimming pool.

The player can carry the ball on one hand only. If he accidentally uses both hands, the referee awards a foul.

Only goalie can touch the ball with both hands.

The ball is set in motion either by swimming or passing it to a fellow player. Each team is allowed a holding time of 30 seconds only.

A player scores a goal when ball completely crosses the goal line between goal posts and cross bar. A goal is worth one point. Once a player scores a goal, the ball is transferred to the team which concedes the goal.

Getting live

After a fouled attempt, a player must get himself live first. Getting live is important to be eligible for shooting. If a player who is not eligible for shooting attempts a goal, it is a case of turnover.

6 metre rule

There are multiple ways in which a player can get live after a foul. He should throw the ball in the air and catch it. Alternatively, he can transfer the ball from one hand to another. He may also drop ball from his raised hand inside the water.

Corner throw

It refers to a throw taken by an attacking player from the corner of the court. The ball is thrown using the either hand.

Free throw

A free throw is granted to a team if the other player does a foul. The ball must be thrown 9m away from the goal.

Penalty throw

A player can score a goal through direct throw into the goal centre.

Dive shot

A player jumps above the floor towards the goal to score a goal. While attempting a dive shot, a player must not touch the d-line.

Unique features of water polo

The main characteristics of water polo are dynamic actions, free style swimming in multiple directions, changes in body position inside water and shooting styles. Some unexpected moments make the game very engaging. In a modern day Water Polo event, viewers can see fast counter attacks and smart moves. Players need to have good psychomotor skills.

Egg beating

It is a unique action in water polo. It helps to keep oneself afloat. The players keep their legs apart and move them inside water as if cycling. This action helps them stay afloat.

Importance of live streaming and video enhanced statistics

Information technology has made the sport more accessible worldwide. It has also made it more engaging from viewer’s perspective. High quality cameras capture the moment very well. Game analysis helps coaches to work out or refine their training plans. Live streaming a water polo game helps viewers connect to the live action from anywhere in the world. One has to access the Online video platform for sports activities.

Emerging players can discover lots about the game by watching live action. They can understand the value of reaction time. They can learn about concepts like sprint, shooting angle, turnover or tunnel vision defence. By seeing international contests, they can get prepared to face the best water polo players in the world.

Apart from live commentary, sports viewers enjoy additional features like a digital scoreboard. The key moments of the game are edited and presented as highlights of the day.

Digital viewers can access video clips displaying incredible goal scoring skills. They can watch their favourite players perform along with the shot analysis. Professional sportspersons can explore details by watching live gaming action. In this way they can evolve into better players.


Water Polo is an aquatic team sport. It is similar to playing soccer inside a swimming pool. Players perform acrobatic movements while treading the water. To watch a game of Water Polo, viewers can try the Online video platform for sports activities. Live streaming platforms help to connect viewers with the sport. Live streaming also helps sports experts evaluate the game and refine the training plan.

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