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Annual sports events are one of the most awaited events in schools. Students get opportunity to show their sporting talent. Many events are organised and students are encouraged to participate. Lots of practice sessions are held before the big day and hence schools must definitely broadcast the sports events. Annual events like sports meet and Annual Day function can be broadcasted via free online video platform. Sports events influence students’ personality. Parents could be assured that their kids are not only gaining textual information but acquiring life skills such as leadership.

Vibes of excitement flowing through Live streamed videos

On the day of Sports Meet, the students are very excited. While the participants get the opportunity to portray their potential talent, the viewers encourage their friends through loud claps and cheers. Sports Events provide the much needed relaxation from the pressure of academics.

On the Day of Annual Sports meet, parents are eager to see their kids’ perform. However, the school might not have seating facility for so many guardians. Moreover, most of the parents might be busy or preoccupied and thus be unable to visit the school campus. Virtual functions provide the opportunity to watch the events from the comfort of their homes or worksites. Moreover, viewers do not have to watch the entire event. They are free to watch selected parts and skip the rest.

The sporting action is often preceded by inaugural functions such as welcome songs for the visitors. These events create the initial wave of excitement for participating students and visitors alike. Live streaming of these performances is equally important. Key events can be recorded or edited to create an in-person like viewership experience.

Motivating students to show sporting talent

Live streaming sporting action motivates students to actively participate in sports. Students love getting viewer attention especially parents’ attention. They represent their school to the online viewers. While playing with their teammates, they learn life skills such as leadership, friendship, team building and conviction. Students realize the importance of health and fitness in personality development. Even the non-participating students feel deeply influenced by the sporting action.

Live streaming, boosting school’s brand value

In the post-pandemic session, students have developed a craze for online classes. Virtual classrooms have gained popularity. Thus schools are under pressure to attract kids to school campuses. Sports events can be one of the prime factors which can still bring students back inside their traditional school life.

Sports events are an important part of childhood. Organising sports events proves the importance of an institute as a promoter of holistic growth of students. Live streamed videos can be embedded in school websites. Thus while scanning the website, a viewer can come across the sports videos. In this way the school can raise its reputation and create a unique place for itself. The videographer needs to focus on the spectacular moments in the game.

Requirement for upgrading technical expertise

Schools need to appoint technically skilled personnel for Live streaming yearly events such as Sports Day. Parents will get real time updates about their kids’ performance on the field. Parents will have the liberty to watch only selected parts of the video. Before the events begin, invitations must be sent to parents and teachers to register their presence for such online events.
Free online video platform provides the benefit of interacting with thousands of enthusiastic viewers and analyse their reactions. Sports experts love to watch solid action on the field and leave their comments.

Live streaming leading to mutual benefits for stakeholders

Live streaming is cost effective technique of broadcasting events. In order to promote sports at the school level, Sport federations have entered into tie ups with schools. They equip schools with technically skilled staff and high precision recording equipment for recording the events. More creative avenues are coming up to raise levels of interaction between the performers and viewers online. These include Question and Answer session and user generated content. Features such as Video analytics helps to track user data and engagement.

During the pandemic online viewership has grown exponentially and is ingrained in the culture. Live streaming is one of the technologies which helped people maintain the quality of lifestyle while following the restrictions. People have developed greater awareness about the benefits of live streaming video platforms. Free online video platform received a major boost. Modern methods of sports training are leading to development of accelerated learning strategies. Thus schools are under pressure to develop their technical infrastructure. Live streaming events like Sports event will raise brand equity of a school.

Student versus teacher games are also an awaited event in educational institutions. Such events provide necessary relaxation from daily routine and foster a bond between teachers and students. Cinematography of important school events create priceless childhood memories.

The architect of the school building will also love to watch Sports event and get a glimpse of the building made by him.
Special guests invited on Annual Day have the option of attending virtually in case their schedule is preoccupied. Live streaming of medal ceremonies for victorious players will be a memorable moment for the school and also guardians.
If the school hosts an interschool event, live streaming will definitely raise school’s reputation.

Live streaming of such events must be done by professionals for most effective results. Experienced live streamers will have better understanding of the basics of Live streaming such as transcoding. They can present the videos very well with customised logos, overlay backgrounds, banners and visual effects. Adding custom effects and dynamic backgrounds will provide enhanced visual appeal.

Even if a novice or amateur videographer handles the task, he can do it reasonably well since the day’s excitement motivates him to perform his best. Such moments help him in his experiential skill development.

Live streaming of sports events helps educational institutions connect not only with affiliate societies, but with any sports loving person. Thus Livestreaming makes the school an open system.

With the help of advanced features, the videos could be personalised according to viewer preferences. Personalization feature in content streamed online can enable the school architect to connect with the campus. For the school alumni videos could be made differently so that they remember their memories. For parents, videos should be made to enable them not to miss out on anything relevant especially their kids’ real time performances. Hence, schools need more technical assistance. They need to invest in technology upgradation. Even in-house staff can be trained to implement the benefits of live streaming video content.


Information Technology has influenced every facet of lifestyle. School functions like Annual Sports Day are one of the events which greatly depend on IT reforms. Live streaming of sports events gives a different dimension to school activities. Students are more eager to perform when they know sports can enable them gain recognition. Sports events play a major role in shaping personality. Team sports enable students to learn to work in teams and synchronise their efforts for a common goal. Individual sports helps gain in terms of confidence.

Live streaming school sports events will enable students to actively participate in sports. The school can raise its reputation via online streaming of sports events via free online video platform. The school may have to invest in infrastructure and recruit technical experts for live streaming the events. But this investment will soon reap benefits as students are motivated to perform and the school earns reputation among viewers.