Watching a live cricket match is a source of grand infotainment. The uncertainty factor in a cricket match makes it quite interesting. Cricket matches are sources of information for emerging cricketers. In the digital landscape, viewers don’t have to rely on Television sets to watch cricket matches. Digital media provides enhanced access and flexibility over viewership rights. To watch a live game, viewers have to navigate top sports live streaming platform.

Cricket tournaments are quite frequently organized in many nations, throughout the year. The number of cricket playing nations is also rising steadily. Due to the 20 overs version of cricket, the game has become less time taking. Cricket will now be seen in Los Angeles Olympics in 2028.

Team formation

A cricket team has 11 players who either bat, bowl or field. But some of the players are all rounders. The team captain has a multifunctional role. Apart from the technical aspects, the captain needs to build co-ordination and team spirit.
Before the game begins, the team line up of the batting side is displayed.

The stadium

International cricket stadiums are very spacious. There is enough room for guests from within the nation and tourists. The seats for spectators are arranged outside the perimeter of the playing arena. The display boards project live scores for the spectators. There is optimum lighting arrangement for day and night matches.

Live streaming of cricket matches provides a virtual tour of the cricket stadium. Live webcasting also helps to connect digital viewers to the emotions of the spectators present in the stadium.

The pitch

The pitch is the actual combative area, where there is one-on-one collision between both teams. 2 players from the batting side face the bowlers.

The toss

To decide which team will field or bat first, coin tossing is done. Both captains are present during the tossing. The winner of the toss gets the chance to decide if he wants his team to bat or field first. This decision has a major impact on the outcome. It must be done carefully keeping the conditions in mind.

The combat

While the objective of the batting side is to score runs, the fielding side stops runs and aims to get the rival team players all out.
The game begins with a bowler’s run up. A bowler transfers his pace to the ball. Within a fraction of a second, the bat interacts with the ball resulting in a run or more. Else, there may be no bat ball contact and the ball is caught by the wicketkeeper.

Individual and team effort

The bowler aims to hit bowls fast and straight making run scoring quite tough. His objective is to get the rival player out either by getting him bowled out, caught, stumped or run out. Getting a player bowled out shows a bowler’s precision. But a catch out, stumped or run out is the consequence of team effort. The famous quotation ‘catches win matches’ give an idea of the significance of team effort.

Aggressive batting

Aggressive hitters love to hit boundaries and sixes to pile up a huge target score. They have courage to face the bowler and make optimum use of the pitch. It is important to take risks to master the basics of the game. Since cricket is a team game, there has to be good batting partnerships to build a sizeable total.

Hitting a six needs quick mental calculation. The player needs to judge the angular velocity of the ball, before providing it the right deflection.
Good stroke plays are quite attractive to watch. Boundaries and sixes are most cherished by the viewers.
The players from batting side must know to play well without doing any errors.

Fast bowling and spin bowling

Apart from fast bowling, there are spin bowlers. Spin bowlers do not rely on pace but spinning action of the ball.

Role of the captain

The team captain of the fielding arranges the fielders strategically with the objective of either stopping the runs or getting wickets by catching the ball.

Cricket commentary

Commentators try to provide an insightful narrative of the match. During a live game, commentary is also live. Thus commentators have to be mentally active. They must know to keep the viewers interested. Commentators should also know the technical aspects of the game. To get the best live commentary, viewers must navigate top sports live streaming platform.

Commentary is available in multiple languages. Viewers are free to choose their own language to get best possible experience.

The Umpire

Umpires decide whether a 6 or 4 is hit. Umpires decide if a player is out or not out. Most of the umpires are former players themselves. Thus they have intrinsic knowledge about the game. Their role in the game is crucial. A single wrong decision influences the final outcome of the game.

Formats of the game

Cricket matches can have 3 formats: test match, ODI and 20-20.

Test match

A test match goes on for 5 days. Thus players have more overs and can score more runs. Test matches are quite time intensive. Test matches often result in a draw. Yet, test matches are useful sources of guidance for prospective players. By watching the game live, the observer can learn how to apply cricketing knowledge in real time.

Limited overs cricket match

One day international

A one day international or ODI goes on for 50 overs. ODI matches can be during the day or overnight. The team playing first will set a target in 50 overs. In order to win the match, the rival team will have to beat the score. In this limited form of cricket, terms like present run rate and required run rate are very important.

The viewer feels very much engaged in the game due to the calculation factor. Viewers need to search for top sports live streaming platform to be able to view live ODI matches.

20 overs cricket match

The fastest format of the game is 20 overs cricket. Both teams get only 20 overs to play. 20- 20 cricket match is cherished by the risk taking players. Such a version of the game provides opportunity to the big hitters and stroke players. As 20-20 cricket is less time taking, there can be 2 matches within one day itself.

Special situations

An international cricket match has some catchy points which make the game more dramatic. Photography and live data analysis of the situation making it quite emphatic.

Calling the third umpire

In case the umpire finds difficulty in making a decision, he refers to the Third Umpire. The action replay is presented and then the final decision is visible on the display board.

D/L method for matches interrupted due to rainfall

Cricket becomes quite dramatic due to climatic disturbances like rain. If there is sudden rainfall, the game has to be interrupted. Viewers anxiously wait for the game to resume. Cricket experts have introduced the concept of Duckworth Lewis method(D/L method). Based on projected score, the winner could be decided. However, there must be sufficient overs and runs to apply the D/L method.

International Cricket Council(ICC)

ICC or International Cricket Council is the administrative head which supervises every tournament to verify whether the rules of the game are followed. ICC is also responsible to protect the sanctity of the game. Once in every 4 years, ICC World cup is organised. The leading cricket playing nations compete for the top spot in ICC World Cup. To watch a live game, viewers need to access top sports live streaming platform.

Protecting cricket from illicit practices like sledging or match fixing is the responsibility of ICC. ICC also ranks individual players based on their track records and current performance.

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