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Horse riding is a lovely sport. In the competitive arena, horse riding is referred to as equestrian. Live streaming of horse riding contests helps the viewer catch the live action. One can learn the sport via video platforms for horse riding. Horse riding requires lots of practice. The rider needs to be friendly with the horse. The rider must hold to the reins throughout the practice session. For best tips for horse riding or equestrian, sports enthusiasts need to navigate top sports live streaming platform online.

Universal sport

Horse riding is a universal sport. It used to be a royalty mark in many civilizations all over the world. Different civilizations have developed their unique rules for the game. The essential principle is however the same i.e. practicing hard and knowing one’s horse. The rider is emotionally connected with the horse. The horse too is emotional. So, it will perform better when the rider is friendly.

Horse riding is not taming the horse

Taming can make the horse weak and it will lose its natural gait. Horse is naturally fast. It can get obstinate if misbehaved with. The purpose of horse riding is to consider the horse as partner in sports. Anybody with love for adventure can try horse riding.

Health booster

Horse riding can also boost health, especially cardiovascular health. People have experienced better blood circulation patterns after joining horse riding camps. Horse riding can help people get rid of excessive weight. Since a horse feels active, the energy is naturally transferred to the rider.

Practicing horse riding is a soothing morning activity. One can enjoy the company of the horse and the blissful daylight. Horse riding boosts the adrenaline and dopamine levels. Thus horse riding not only enhances physical health, but also boosts emotional wellbeing. Horse riding prevents people from neurological disorders. It also helps in helping people recover from depression.

Riding school

If you are a beginner willing to learn horse riding, you need to contact a horse riding institute. Spend some time with the instructors in the arena. Riding school will have variety of horses with varying behaviours.

Mostly, nice and good natured horses are brought for the beginners.

Test ride

Take care to hold the reins properly. Don’t try to pull. Just take it easy. The horse will smoothly take you on the back. With a smooth pilot ride, you will feel more inclined to practice horse riding regularly. It might feel risky especially if the roads are bumpy. But, if you have the right attitude, you will have a nice adventure over ups and downs of the road.

Feel free to ask questions. Don’t ignore the value of your safety.

Gaining experience

Over time, the instructor will let you ride on a variety of horses. You will get to meet different horses with different moods. A stubborn horse is difficult to control. But, a practiced hand makes such a difficult task easy.

Before selecting a riding school, you can check their online videos. Live streamed videos provide real time analysis of horse riding experience.


The term equestrian refers to a horse riding expert. In the sporting community, equestrian refers to any sport on horseback.

After attaining expertise in horse riding, a person can display one’s skills at international platforms. Equestrian is a popular sport at the Olympics. It is probably the only sport, where there are no separate events for male and female performers.

In a team event, one rider performs on the arena followed by other. Every rider has to pass through the tough ordeal of dressage, eventing and show jumping. Finally, the scores of all team players are added. The team with maximum score wins the game. The top 3 victorious teams are award gold, silver and bronze medals.

Types of equestrian include the following.
Horse racing, vaulting, polo and rodeo.

At the olympic level equestrians need to demonstrate their skills in 3 rounds i.e. dressage, eventing and show jumping.


Dressage is an artistic round of equestrian. The horse acts according to silent commands of the rider. Dressage round has 2 parts. In the first part, the equestrian has to perform rides according to the instructions. In the freestyle round, horse can perform dance in tune with background music. Actually, there is good coordination between the horse and the rider.

For dressage, there must be immaculate coordination between the horse rider and the steed. Judges award scores on the basis of fluidity of performance. Dressage is an ornamented round at the Olympics level. But, it has its roots in military training. Practice of dressage is the best form of warfare training.


Eventing is also known as combined training. It mixes the features of dressage and show jumping.


In the jumping round, the horse jumps over the obstacles. Obstacles can be anything from parallel rails, triple bars, water jumps and simulated stone walls. Watching the horse jump over the obstacles looks quite sensational. Viewers must look for the top sports live streaming platform to enjoy the live action.

The rider whose horse jumps over the obstacles faster and with fewer penalties wins the game. Penalties are levied if the horse refuses to cross the obstacle. There is a penalty even when the horse knocks down an obstacle. It must be able to jump cleanly over the obstacle.

In the qualifying round, the rider horse pair has to cross 12 obstacles one by one. The finalists perform in order according to performance in the qualifiers.

Cross country round

During the cross-country round, the rider horse pair move around the cross country course using movements like cantering or galloping. The pair must be able to jump over solid obstacles including ditches. Technical tests evaluate ability to jump over narrow fences or angular fences. There may be combination fences wherein close jumps are required.

Federation Equestre International(FEI)

Federation Equestre International(FEI) acts as scrutinizing body for world class events such as Prix St. and Grand Prix. Grand Prix includes 38 compulsory movements and 4 collective marks.

Unique game

Equestrian as a sport is quite different from other sports. Its not just human struggle for achievement. The rider needs to have a caring attitude. One must train the horse to set the goal. One must spend some time with the horse.

Learning to rise a horse requires qualities such as empathy, compassion, patience, self dedication and self riding. Both the horse and the rider can achieve high levels of excellence through true partnership.

Learn a new sport or just enjoy

Horse riding is an amazing sport relying upon good co- ordination between human and horse. Horse riding makes a person healthy and smart looking. In the ancient times, horse riding was a symbol of chivalry. Presently, horse riding is tried professionally and as amateur sportsperson.

Horse riding schools help beginners learn the sport. One can grasp the basics via videos streamed online.

The term Equestrian refers to an expert horse rider. Equestrian is also the umbrella term for many horse riding competitions.

After attaining proficiency in horse riding, a person can display his talent at the global stage. At the Olympics level, the events are dressage, eventing and show jumping.

Equestrian World Championships provide stage for the best players to display their talent. To get the best updates try the top sports live streaming platform.