Basketball is an exciting game, which helps us learn the value of unified energy and team spirit. The prop for this game is just a reddish-brown ball of minimum 18 inches diameter. Basketball is easy to learn. But, at the professional level, it gets quite tough. Most of the basketball players are highly acrobatic. Top level play is seen in international tournaments like the FIBA World cup and Olympics. To get a glimpse of a basket ball game, sports viewers must check sports live Videos platform.

Basketball is the 4th most popular American game, followed by American football, baseball and tennis. Goals scored in a basketball are far more than those in other team sports such as Hockey or Football.

Players have to comply with guidelines set by FIBA. Federation Internationale de Basketball Association(FIBA) is the regulatory authority for deciding the gaming rules.

Team structuring

Every basketball team has 15 players. At one time only 5 players from each team can play in the court. The remaining 10 stay prepared for action, if required.

Substitutes play dual role of spectator as well as player. There can be unlimited substitutions in one game of basketball.

A team of 5 active players comprises 2 forwards, 2 guards and 1 centre player. Every team player thus performs a specialised role in the court.

It must be remembered that the 10 extra players must be equally committed to the team.

Basketball court

An international Basketball court has a rectangular shape. It is 91 ft in length and 50 ft in width. A centre or halfway line divides the court is divided into 2 equal halves. A small circle is marked on the centre of the halfway line.

On both sides of the court, there are poles with attached baskets at an elevation of 10ft above the ground. A player scores a field goal if the ball enters into the hoop of the basket.

Below each of the baskets, is a 3 point arc. The 3 point arc is a curved line that runs from line near the basket out to a little over halfway line. There is also a foul line.
As the basket is at an elevated position, playing basketball helps players getting taller.

Let the game begin

A game of basketball begins with a tip-off or jump-off. The referee stands over the circle of the halfway line and then lifts the ball high up in the air.

One player from each team tries to leap and catch hold of the ball. The one who is able to catch the ball first starts the play.

Types of field goals

For playing basketball the players have to be very athletic. The tallest sportspersons are basketball players. They can constantly run across the field quite briskly.
While running, the players keep dribbling the basketball. Team mates try to pass the balls to each other.

The objective of every team is to score more goals than the other. Viewers can watch live action using sports live Videos platform. Most of the international games are high scoring. Scoring a field goal is an offensive strategy. In the same way, obstructing the goal by the other team is a defensive strategy.

The process of aiming at the goal post is called shooting. There are various ways in which a player can score goals for his team.

A team scores 2 points if the player aims at the basket from within the arc. A goal scored from outside of the arc is worth 3 points.

If a player is fouled by a rival player while trying to shoot, the referee grants him a free throw. If that player scores a goal, the team gets one point.

Right attitude for basketball

Love for the game is a basic factor helping in upskilling the players. A team is built through effective communication and synergy.

Team players need to put in best efforts as well pursue the right attitude. Both teams try their best, but only one team wins. Competitive games help players acquire experiential skills. To explore more details about the game, viewers must gave sports live Videos platform.

Playing basketball requires lots of practice. Practice sessions include warming up exercises, stretching muscles and joints and cooling down.

While playing basketball the players need to have high fluid level. So they need instant energy drinks.

Professional players wear high quality shoes providing them with high jumping abilities.


  1. Dribbling: The players dribble the ball through the field in between the basket poles on either side. The ability to dribble shows gripping power. Getting better at dribbling is possible through practice by oneself. One must practice dribbling inside out between the legs. Or one can dribble the ball behind one’s back.
    Try to dribble the ball multiple times in a row.
  2. Rebounding skills: Players have to collect the ball fast in case it bounces off the basket. It shows the ability to grip and retain the ball.

Indoor versus outdoor courts

Basketball clubs and educational institutes have outdoor courts where playing surface is hard. Professional sportspersons play in indoor courts. Indoor courts provide better gaming experience, as these are unaffected by climatic disturbances like rain or wind.

Made out of plastic, indoor basketball courts are highly smooth and have a glossy feel. The players wear expensive shoes with rubber soles, in order to protect the smooth floor surface from abrasion.

Digital clock

The game of basketball has 4 quarters, with each quarter measuring 12 minutes. A game clock displays the time digitally for the viewers. It starts at 12:00 and keeps running till zero. In case of a tied match, an overtime of 5 minutes is allotted.

Fouls in a basketball game

A basketball player must never touch or attack the rival player for stealing the ball. He can only touch the ball. Any player who tries to slap or thrash another player is penalized.

A player cannot hold a rival player’s arm during shooting. It will be counted as intentional activity of stopping the goal being scored.

The ball must stay within the boundary. A player can dribble only with one hand.

The players can use both hands only near the goalpost prior to shooting, or while passing.

Double dribbling

If the player stops dribbling, he can’t continue to dribble. If he does so, it is a case of double dribbling and the opponent team gets an edge in the game.

Carrying the ball

During dribbling the hand must be over the ball. If the hand comes under the ball, it is called carrying and is not permitted.


Traveling refers to the action of running without dribbling. If a player keeps moving forward without dribbling the ball, he is charged for fouling.

A player in possession of the basketball gets only 21 seconds to shoot into the basket. After each successful goal, the ball is passed to the opposition.

A player does 5 fouls in one game is dismissed from the field for the day.

Application of latest technology

Innovation is a natural factor in the sphere of sports. Not only the style of gameplay, but the infrastructure is touched by it. The incorporation of innovative ASB glass floor for recent RIBA U-19 World Cup is one of such innovations. It is an interactive video floor. The live display of gaming stats and achievements is availlable on floor. Such a floor imparts a beautiful aesthetic factor to the game. There will be enhanced user engagement too.


Basketball is an elegant sport played worldwide. Professional basketball is tough. The objective is to score more goals than other team. Players need to follow international rules. Any disobedience of rule leads to a foul. Nowadays, integration of visual technology has made the viewership quite interactive and interesting. To catch live basketball action viewers need to navigate Sports live Videos platform.

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