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Squash is a highly exciting indoor sport, popular worldwide. The game of squash is a test of person’s motor skills. Squash also tests a player’s resilience or ability to handle pressure. Watching a game of squash helps a beginner learn the basics or a professional enhance his sporting prowess. To watch some live action from the world of squash, viewers can navigate top sports live streaming platforms.

Squash World Cup is the stage where viewers get to see the best of action from the world of squash. Recently, the game of squash has also found place in the Los Angeles Olympic Games to be held in 2028.

Squash players use racquets for hitting a black ball against the transparent walls of a squash court. Squash is played at professional as well as amateur level.
World Squash Federation(WSF) is the organizing body for squash tournaments and tours. World Squash Federation has members from about 115 countries.

The objective of every player is to win more points than the other. At the competitive or professional level, players use a black ball with 2 yellow dots.

A game of squash begins with a serve. The ball being served must land in the opposite corner. Every year, viewers can witness 600 squash events. Professional Squash Association(PSA) is the administrative authority for monitoring squash events.

Squash court

Squash court is a rectangular chamber with glass walls on 4 sides. There is a front wall, 2 side walls and a back wall.

The floor of squash court

On the floor of a squash court is short line, a service line and a half court line. Short line is parallel to the front and back walls of the court. There are 2 services boxes and each of them measures 1.60m.

There is a T-formation on the centre of the floor. To win a game, one needs to establish oneself well on the T-section.

Wall dimensions

The middle wall measures 9.75 m for both singles and doubles matches. One side wall is larger for doubles than singles matches.

For a singles game, the overall dimensions are 6.4m by 9.75 m by 5.64 m. For a doubles game, the measurement is 7.62 m by 9.75 m by 5.64 m.

The front wall is divided using a service line, top line and tin. Squash ball must not hit below the tin and above the top line.

The half-court line is parallel and equidistant from side walls.

There are 2 service boxes on 2 sides. In between there is the T-line. Serving player must keep one foot inside the service box.

Movement inside a squash court

Squash players are quite agile. They can quickly move across the 4 corners of the court. But due to limited space, there is restriction on free movement. Players need to move in style to enhance their sporting calibre.

Squash ball

To understand the game of squash, one must understand the mechanics of a squash ball.

A squash ball is made of raw butyl rubber with synthetic additives. It is hollow from the inside.

The air inside the ball help absorb energy leading to expansion. An expanded rubber ball is bouncier. Warming of a ball prior to a game, helps in making it bouncy. In professional tournaments, a yellow double dot ball is used.

For beginners or intermediate level players, there are other practice balls available such as a blue dot ball.

Squash rules

Before a game starts, there is a warming session of only 4 minutes.

After the warming session, racket swinging is done to select who will serve first.
As the serving player hits the ball, it can hit any of the 4 glass walls. There are designated areas marked on the walls. If the ball touches the area beyond the prescribed limits, the player loses a gaming point to the other player.

A player tries to outwit an opponent in various ways. He can play a shot making it difficult for the rival to hit the ball timely. The squash ball must never hit below the bottom line or tin. The squash ball should not bounce more than once. Volley is the name to given to the shot, wherein player strikes the ball before a single bounce.

Upon winning a rally, a player gets opportunity to serve.

Squash is a highly competitive game. Forcing the rival player to do errors helps to earn more points.

In order to win a game, a player must be able to dominate the T-zone. He must have a good grip over the racquet.


A player is not permitted to obstruct motion of his opponent. Since both players stand on one side of the court, there can be a collision.

A player can appeal if he finds an obstacle which affects his playing action. The referee examines the situation and awards a let or no let to the player.

If a collision takes place unintentionally, a ‘let’ is granted. Thus, the rally is played again.

If the referee does not find any real obstruction, he declares a ‘no let’. Thus the player’s appeal is invalidated.

If a player is found obstructing the opponent’s motion willingly, the appeal is considered valid and the rival player’s action is known as stroke. The appealing player scores a point in this case.

Pleasing show

A squash court is covered by glass walls. Glass gives an aesthetic touch to the game. The audience gets a good view of the game. Glass used for squash games must have high tolerance. It should be able to withstand the continuous high energy impact. Because of the glass walls, it becomes easy for the referee to get a view of the live game. Thus, he can better monitor the game and verify adherence to international gaming rules. To watch a game of squash, one can try top sports live streaming platforms.

Squash shots

There are few basic types of shots in squash. A rally in squash is a combination of drive, drop, crosscourt and boast.

Straight drive

A straight drive is the most common type of shot. The player hits the ball straight over the front wall.
A straight drive is when the squash ball is hit parallel to the side wall to hit the front wall and then land in the back corner. A straight drive ties opponent in the back corner, limiting swing of the ball. Squash players must develop ability to hit fast straight drives on a consistent basis.

Drop shot

A drop shot is one where the player hits the ball low and tight.

Cross court drive

A cross court drive is a long shot that goes from one side of the court to the back corner of another.
One needs to orient one’s position at angle of 45° to the side wall. The player must be hit the ball early and with power.

Get the racqet above the ball and bring the racqet in a downward motion so that the ball bounces twice in the back corner.


A boast shot is wherein the player hits the ball against the side wall before hitting the front wall.
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Video analysis

In an age of technological innovation and scientific creativity, the application of video analysis continues to rise. Professionals can watch live matches to observe intricate points. Slow motion videos help to understand the basics very well.

Players can learn from detailed video analysis of their own game and real time coaching metrics.

Watching squash matches using top sports live streaming platforms is not only for funtime, but also in becoming proficient at the sport.

Squash is a high intensity match. To catch the vibes, sports enthusiasts need to navigate top sports live streaming platform.

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