Best video experience platform

For anybody who is a novice in cooking but good at observation, online cooking classes are really valuable. Interested viewers can watch classes regularly not only to learn the basics of cooking, but gradually become cooking experts themselves. Videos based on cooking help a person to telecast his skills online with the help of good videography skills. In the digital landscape, anybody good at cooking can become a professional videographer provided he keeps making and uploading videos regularly. Consistency is very important as followers are keen to watch new videos of their mentor. With the combination of quality and innovation, a cooking pro can create the best video experience platform for viewers worldwide.

Select the target audience first

The cooking mentor must identify the target audience first. Netizens who are new to cooking domain love to watch and learn the basics of cooking from online channels. The videos must therefore address their needs. A video wherein details such as quantity of ingredients is specifically mentioned will definitely seem more informative.

Also the changing colours of the veggies add charm to the show. Through a free online video platform, a cooking pro can influence audience through imagery and interactive presentation.

Optimize the benefits of technology

Every step of the dish preparation must be shown sequentially, so that it becomes easy for the viewer to replicate those. From cutting slices to transferring them to cookware where the remaining processes take place, every step must be shown accurately.

The cooking pro can apply video editing tools including 2D/3D animation to leave lasting impact on the viewers. Technology is one of the best tools for building a high quality video platform for sharing knowledge.

Cooking techniques

As a cookery show presenter, remember that the videos must have variety. They must be able to show different techniques including boiling or deep frying. Since the digital audience is generally technosavvy, the display of techniques can help to easily build high quality video experience portal. Display of advanced or innovative cooking techniques will make the videos look distinct.

Cooking aids and equipment

Automation has influenced every facet of lifestyle and cooking is not untouched. Using novel and sophisticated equipment makes the videos look more engaging. Some of the modern day appliances like induction ovens make cooking quite user friendly and energy efficient. One must try to include such appliances alongwith technical details like required Temperature or preparation timings.

In addition, other cooking aids like hand blenders must be preferably included. The aim of a cooking video is not only to give recipe based information, but also create awareness about cooking aids and equipment.

Self marketing

Promoting videos is a very difficult process. But it is always required if you are serious about creating best video experience platform. One must use a requesting tone but not an overtly persuasive tone. Instead of proclaiming your channel as the best channel, its preferable to trust the power of quality. Digital viewers look for quality videos. The best policy for gaining sustainable reputation is quality enrichment.

Feedback for previously posted videos

The process of communicating information is incomplete without viewer feedback. The cooking mentor must regularly check user reviews. He must reply to their queries in detailed yet interesting manner. Viewer appreciation is a source of motivation for creation of more videos.
Based on user reviews, you can gradually expand your audience reach and network. You can think better and introduce more innovation and variety in your videos.
Affiliate marketing
To improve audience reach, the cooking mentor can use affiliate marketing techniques. One can hyperlink the video content with recipe based articles. Hyperlinking is quite effective for niche marketing. The cooking pro can navigate Live streaming channels online to find out similar videos.

Make your videos unique

As there are countless cooking videos available, apply a distinct pattern to make your videos look unique. Insert a friendly logo underneath your video displaying your cooking passion. Add animations or special effects to emphasize the change in colour or phase. Make the process of cooking seem like a story with interesting climax.

Make your videos look picturesque


As a cooking mentor, you must showcase cooking as a delightful activity, not a regular chore. Thus insert images with contrasting colors using high resolution photography. Even a simple dish like tomato with peas can look vibrant because of its color combination. Focusing on bubble formation during frying or boiling gives a dynamic feel to the videos helping you provide the best video experience platform in your niche.

Use the opportunity of free online video platform to promote traditional dishes. India is known for diversity of culture and variety of cuisines. Connoisseurs often love to watch popular ethnic cuisines and the methods used in their preparation. Videos on traditional dishes can influence the emotions of viewers on long term basis.

Aesthetic features

If you really wish to create the best video experience platform, never undermine the role of aesthetic features. Ensure that your kitchen looks neat and organised to the viewers. A polished marble cooktop creates a feel good factor for the initiation of the cooking process. You may have wall tiles featuring porcelain cup dishes or crockery. Alternatively, a wall paper with a theme based on cooking or health can deeply influence your viewers.

Cooking for tasty food and healthy lifestyle

Tasty food which boosts health improves lifestyle. Keep that motto in mind as you work on free online video platform for your food based channel. Promote health based tips while making cooking videos. Create a feel of healthy and delicious food for the videos so as to gain constant attention.

Pause your videos for a touch of realism

There are phases in cooking where the viewer must not act, but just pay attention. For instance, one needs to verify if frying process is over through simple observation. Nowadays automation has made frying much simpler through time calculation. But to add realism to food preparation based videos, its better to include pauses. Small interruptions help the viewer learn the basics of cooking in real time. Such a process creates a feeling of in-person learning or self learning. Thus the viewer will be more eager to tune into the free online video portal created by you.

Make the videos participative

Videos are not just means of self expression, but to connect with like minded audience. Thus make your videos more engaging by follow up sessions or quiz games based on the content featured. You can navigate best live streaming channels online for such ideas. Announce gifts for the winners if possible. Send creative gifts like recipe books to connect with the enthusiastic viewers and build a network.

Digital technology helps cooking experts showcase their culinary skills via online channels and live streaming options. To optimize the advantages of a free online video portal, one must know to integrate technology with creativity. One must have the objective of providing viewers with best video experience platform. Once the target audience is selected, one must try to bring out the right combination of knowledge, aesthetics, cooking techniques, culture and sophistication into one platter. The cooking pro can win hearts of the audience by live streaming his content.