online videos for gardening

Gardening is a lovely leisure activity. While doing gardening, we feel close to nature. During the outbreak of the pandemic, many people lost jobs. Many started organic farming for a living. Videos based on gardening helped the people stay connected with like-minded people. Gardeners can invest their time and efforts to create online videos for gardening.

Gardening is also a salubrious activity. It helps people in natural healing.

Anyone with experience in the gardening domain can influence viewers worldwide.

Videos based on gardening also enable one to spread the message of environment-friendliness. Housing complexes with gardens earn LEED certification easily.

Initially, one has to do lots of hardwork. Gradually, he will master the art of creating videos.

Live streaming videos about gardening help to share gardening based knowledge.

By sharing gardening tips and plant related knowledge, one can help viewers understand the basic facets of gardening. The quantity of water required is one of the basic parameters.

Different plants have varying nutritional and water requirements. Also, some plants are perennial, while others are seasonal.

Flowers like marigold are often seen during the winters. Gardening based videos also help share variants of the same flower. We find variations in marigold colors or different colors of roses. Gardening is a very creative activity. High resolution imagery makes videos on gardening quite fascinating.

Through proper knowledge of gardening, we can save both time and expenses incurred on gardening.

Gardening is not always smooth or pleasing. Sometimes, people have to invest lots of time and efforts in eliminating pests or weeds. Pests block growth of shrubs.

Often, people have to decide between multiple plants on their field.

Scientific breakthroughs in gardening

Specialized information is available to people nowadays, just at their fingertips. It takes time and research to select the right kind of information for nurturing a garden.

Initial care is of utmost importance. Once plants have germinated, one must observe the plantations on a daily basis. Regular care is a must, until the plants are strong enough. The plantations must be able to withstand wind currents or other issues.

Gardening is not untouched by scientific advances. Agricultural scientists have introduced innovations in the world of gardening, through techniques like grafting, which permits colour combination.

Today, we can find multicolored versions of blossoms. Grafting is often a matter of argument, as it allows humans to impart their own choice of colours to flowers.

Flowers are a gift of nature and human interference may not always be desirable. However, as long as humans don’t violate their duties towards nature and take due care of flowers in the post-grafting stage, such advances must not be castigated.

Another scientific innovation in gardening is greenhouse farming. Plants grow inside an enclosed space, generating greenhouse effect.

Gardening helping in informal education

Gardening is a self learning activity. It helps us to naturally learn about new aspects of bio-technology and organic farming.

Students get clearer understanding of leaf patterns, when they actually observe them in a garden. Gardening helps in understanding scientific terms like photosynthesis.

By taking daily care of plants, people learn the importance of terms like plant stimuli and soil moisture content. Such informal education is especially valuable for kids, who cannot afford education in hi-fi hi-tech study environment, like laboratories and LCD classrooms.

Sharing gardening experience through videos

Live streaming provides the opportunity for professional or part-time gardeners to share their valuable experience and tips. Through videos, they can show the various stages of flower growth.

There will be stages showing plant cultivation.

Gardeners can emphasize the key points using captions and animations. Viewers acknowledge the videos having unique information. So, if the videographer can share some unique tips about gardening, viewers will definitely find such videos engaging.

Online videos for gardening can be made more engaging with the help of interesting colour shades and high resolution photography. A good and clear voice, combined with valuable gardening tips can do wonders in the world of online media, if the photographs are nicely arranged.

Gardening helping people in self employment

Organic farming has helped many farmers become self reliant. They not only grow food to sustain their own living, but can market their crops or fruits to earn a prosperous living.

Farming is not limited to people from rural or underprivileged societies anymore. Many successful and rich people have left their busy schedule and migrated to rural farmlands, to begin a life of self sufficiency.

People have contributed many innovations to the world of gardening. Gardening is an active topic for research, as it helps in reaping monetary benefits, apart from leading a peaceful and healthy life.

Gardening has helped people become self employed. Many organisations have started initiatives based on technologies such as micro-irrigation.

Gardening helping people during pandemic stage

When Covid pandemic spread all over the world, online videos for gardening helped people to deal with socio-economic issues such as loss of jobs. Videos allowed gardeners to share their knowledge amongst viewers from far away destinations.

Through live streaming gardening based videos, people can be motivated to accept gardening as a full time professional activity. Through online media, gardeners stayed connected. Digital technology has helped to spread the voice of sustainable and eco-friendly living culture.

Gardening for positive feeling

Gardening enables a person to make optimum use of free time. Doing gardening helps a person feel good and healthy. The fresh air of garden helps to start a novel day with zeal and enthusiasm. A positive minded person is more prepared for the upcoming challenges.

The activity of gardening makes a person energetic throughout the whole day. Anyone who does gardening as a hobby or leisure activity learns to fight health or mental disorders.

Gardening is a soothing activity, which gives pleasure to our mind. While watching videos of gardening, the viewers can practice yoga and aerobics.

Gardeners can invite friends or coworkers for having friendly conversations or professional meetings. Students can read and comprehend their lessons better in the natural ambience of garden.

Opportunity of choosing specialisation

Gardeners can choose their specialisation according to their interests and knowledge. They can cultivate ornamental plants and thus grow flowers, which are beautiful and eye-catchy.

Alternatively, plant products can enable us to make aromatic products like lavendar oils and fruit juices. Gardeners can start a cottage industry, based on plant extracts like juices or oils.

Many plants such as basil and neem have medicinal significance. Their extracts are used as remedy for health disorders like common cold. Neem extracts can be used to make soaps and disinfectants. Basil has miscellaneous health benefits.

Discovering oneself

Gardening based videos can show how gardening helps in the journey of self discovery and self-exploration. Plants do not communicate via speaking. But, their happiness is expressed in symbolism, such as the blooming flowers that make the morning so bright. Garden lovers feel moments of ecstasy at the sight of colourful butterflies.

Thus, gardening provides a high level of delight and emotional satisfaction, which is hard to achievable in the highly commercial world.


Gardening is a lovely activity. Live streaming gardening based videos can help garden lovers to share knowledge about plants and flowers.

By watching online videos for gardening, viewers come to know of the valuable tips for cultivating their own plants. Gardening has transformed from a hobby to a full time activity, after people realised the significance of environment and sustainable development.

Gardening based videos can help in grasping scientific concepts.

Videos based on gardening also help in informal education. Gardeners can share their specialised knowledge and experience online. Gardening based videos can inspire people to stay positive and healthy. People can spread the message of environment friendly lifestyle.