Online video for medical emergency

Health is a critical issue. We all are vulnerable to accidents and injuries. Despite our awareness regarding safety precautions, we often face health problems such as injury followed by bleeding. People are seen fainting out of fatigue due to lack of proper or wholesome diet. Online videos for medical emergency aids guide the viewer as to how to initiate the recovery process from a sudden injury.

Many people recommend running to an expert doctor for immediate diagnosis of the medical problem. But, it might take considerable time to visit the doctor’s cabin. Alternatively, the doctor might not be able to come quickly to meet the patient. Sometimes, doctoral therapy may involve a long list of prescriptions and suggestions.

Therefore, we must know the basic procedure to quickly recover from a sudden injury, accident, disorder or abnormality.

With health based knowledge we can also cure a person who meets with a mishap all of a sudden.

Thus, knowing first few first aid measures are important not only for medical professionals like doctors or nursing staff, but for each and everybody.

If online streaming of such informative content can be done, many viewers can get fundamental information about healthcare and emergency medical aid procedures.

By watching online streaming of emergency medical assistance steps, the viewer can gain practical knowledge. He can work as a rescuer or certified emergency medical relief provider.

Information about first aid

Videos can be made to demonstrate the value of first aid measures for urgent relief, after an accidental wound. A sudden fall can cause infection which must be prevented. Therefore, infection over the wound must be instantly cured with the help of an antiseptic. To work as a medical rescuer, one must keep a first aid kit ready with basic amenities like cotton, antiseptic, bandage, balm etc.

Applying first aid can help you to recover from sudden injury. Else, you can help a friend or any needy person recover from sudden injury or wound. It is a very gratifying process to help somebody requiring urgent medical attention. The attendant must be able to apply the antiseptic using a cotton swab gently over the wounded area.

Knowledge about ice massaging for instantaneous relief

Head injury is very painful and mostly leads to swelling. Calling medical staff and actual visit have a time difference. By that time the patient will suffer continuous agony. If you do not like to see a person in agony, learn to provide instant therapy like a medical professional.

Hand massaging with ice is very helpful for instant therapy. If video is made wherein the rescuer or attendant is shown massaging the patient’s head with ice, the viewers can definitely learn a lot from careful observation of the process.

Viewers can apply the acquired knowledge to save a near and dear one from pain or shock, due to sudden head injury.
It is important to display the procedure with utmost accuracy to deliver best results of online streaming.

The attendant must collect ice cubes in a soft cloth. Then, the cloth should be used for gentle massaging upon the affected area. Direct contact with ice is not recommended.

While massaging, the attendant must apply light compressions to soothe the swollen area and eventually restore the brain functioning to normalcy. Online videos for medical emergency must be accurate and easy to understand

Sprinkling water to cure unconsciousness

If some water is sprinkled over the face of an unconscious person, he can regain consciousness. Water is of pivotal importance to the body. Thus, water has the power to heal fatigue or loss of consciousness.

Video must be made displaying the attendant sprinkle water gently on the face. Any error during online streaming may lead to miscommunication, which will be detrimental to the observer.

Massaging techniques

Massaging with oil or emollient is a form of alternative therapy. Combining oils to form emulsion leads to synergistic benefits. When the emulsion is applied using hand strokes, the patient regains muscular strength. Massaging is generally done by professional masseurs, but some techniques are simple enough to apply to all.

By creating massaging videos, people can be made aware about the procedure of massaging along with hand strokes and aromatherapy.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR)

If airway to the lungs gets choked due to some reason, the patient faces difficulty in breathing. Patients affected with asthma can face recurrent breathing disorders. Thus, the attendant must know the process of cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR) to resolve the breathing disorders with immediate effect. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation resolves acute heart problems such as cardiac arrest.

Awareness of such medical emergency aid can help to save a person affected with heart problem. The process must be displayed with precision and relevant data must be presented along with the videos.

Self-care measures

Rescuers must know to take care of themselves after taking care of the patient. It is important for them to disinfect themselves using soaps and antiseptics. Any negligence in self’care can be disastrous for the relief provider. The rescuer might get infected with a disorder. Such rescuers fall sick and lose their ability to work as rescuers.

Thus, online videos for medical emergency relief measures must display steps of self care after patient therapy including washing hands and fingernails.

Protection from internal bleeding

Sometimes bleeding is internal and is not visible from outside. Sometimes, there are no evident symptoms leading to neglect and procrastination of therapy. In case of internal bleeding, acute blood loss may lead to a feeling of fatigue. The patient can faint suddenly. To cure these problems, the patient must be laid down with their legs elevated.

Emergency medical relief measures are not a substitute for doctoral therapy. Consultation with a doctor is of paramount importance. However, the knowledge of basic medical emergency relief measures can enable both patients and doctors in accelerating the pace of therapy. If people have better understanding about their health, it shows their self willingness to recover from disorders and lead a healthy lifestyle.

If minor disorders are cured before on-site visit by doctor, the doctor can focus on advances in medical science and research.

Many people believe that healing is possible due to better pharmaceuticals and therapeutic techniques. But, the importance of in-person touch in relief measures can never be undervalued.

If emergency medical aids can be demonstrated in video format, viewers can gain knowledge regarding emergency medical aids. With such relevant knowledge, the observer can save not only himself from danger or injury, but can also rescue or save another person.

The feeling of saving somebody is very precious. But to rescue somebody, one needs to have sound knowledge about medical science. If videos on emergency medical aids can be telecasted in the form of videos, viewers can gain knowledge by observing the steps carefully.


Healthcare is not only for professionals. Each and every person must have knowledge about his body dynamics to be able to lead a healthy and balanced life. Videos must show important of first aid kit for emergency medical relief. Massaging with ice helps great deal to reduce swelling after sudden head injury. The attendant must know to provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation to resolve sudden respiratory problems. The attendants must disinfect their hands to prevent infection. Online videos for medical emergency are not substitute for medical diagnosis and cure, but they enable instant beginning of the healing process.