Online videos for eye care

Eyes are precious to us. Our eyes help us to see the beautiful nature. We rely on the power of sight for our daily tasks, however simple or complicated. Still, we often ignore the value of our precious eyes. Online videos for eye care help us by providing simple tips, that we can try easily for our eyecare and better vision.

Live streaming or webcasting eye care videos can provide viewers access to valuable information. Such videos will help eye specialists having the noble initiative of spreading awareness of eye disorders.

Simple tips for healthy eyes

Eye care experts suggest simple tips for having healthy eyes and vision. Following such tips can improve eye health naturally and prevent any disorders.

Sprinkling water

One must wash the eyes with water atleast twice a day. Washing the eyes immediately after brushing in mornings is a good routine activity. It helps in cleansing the eyes. Moistened eyes provide a feeling of freshness.

Protection from solar heat

Direct exposure to solar radiation can be harmful for the eyes. Solar rays have Ultraviolet radiation which is quite harmful. So, its better to avoid going outside in the scorchy afternoons. If someone has to leave for outing on a hot sunny day, one must carry an umbrella and wear sunglasses.

Protection against impure entrants

Eyes also require protection from impurities like dust or sand. If any irritant flies into the eyes, the person immediately feels uneasy. One can even get a burning sensation. In that case rubbing eyes can worsen the situation. Instead of rubbing the eyes, one must try to sit patiently with eyes facing downwards. Gradually, the foreign particles will come out from eyes. Eye specialists suggest using eye drops to remove irritant from the eyes.

Soft crying lubricates eyes

Crying softly is good for a person’s eyes. The action of crying starts from the eyes. Crying process is stimulated by tear glands or lachrymal glands. It filters out unwanted material and pollutants from the eyes. Crying has a lubricating effect.


Massaging provides a touch of care. Oil massaging the forehead area is good for eyes. The action of massaging improves blood circulation rates. One should close the eyes and massage the forehead for atleast 2 minutes everyday. Massaging with oils and emollients will provide a soothing and relaxing effect.


Palming refers to the act of placing the palms on the eyes. It provides a relaxing effect and gradually improves eyesight. Palming also helps sensitizes the skin and improves co-ordination between eyes and neurological system.


Meditation is also a good way to care for our eyes. It provides the much needed isolation and respite from daily troubles. Meditation connects us to the subconscious mind. It improves our ability to focus and concentrate, in turn improving eyesight and vision. 15 minutes of daily meditation helps to achieve healthy eyes.

Wholesome sleep

We see dreams with closed eyes. Proper sleep diet is must for strong eyesight. People who sacrifice their sleep routine out of work pressure are susceptible to eye disorders. Those engaged in night duty need to blink eyes occasionally. Staring constantly can cause insomnia or sleeplessness. The state of insomnia affects our sensitive eyes.

Environment-friendly lifestyle

Rising up early and getting the morning breeze is good for the eyes. Those with slight eye defects must walk in the garden regularly. The colour green is very good for eyes. If people spend time watching green plants and shrubs, they experience improved eyesight. Thus, morning walks and evening walks improve eye health and vision.

Eye defects

Any lack of nutrition or deficiency may lead to defects, causing impairment in vision. Early detection of eye defects helps in early and effective therapy.

Myopia(short sightedness): It refers to a state, wherein the observer can see nearby objects clearly, while objects at a distance appear hazy. The image formation takes place before the retina of the eye. This defect is rectified using spectacles with lenses. The lens helps to adjust image formation making the image clearer.

Hypermetropeia(long sightedness): It refers to a state wherein the observer can see remote objects with clarity, but nearby images seem hazy. The image formation takes place behind the retina. This defect is also rectified using spectacles with lenses. Lens power is measured in dioptres.

Those wearing spectacles need to take care of eyes as well as spectacles. The lens must be cleaned regularly for stain removal. Knowledge about the structure and function of eyes is quite necessary. With the help of online videos for eye care, healthcare professionals can motivate viewers to take regular care of their eyes.

Eye medication
Eye medication includes tear drops which help to filter out unwanted foreign matter. Ointments are used for eye lubrication.

The structure of the eye

To understand eye care, one must have a fair idea of the structure. Eyes have circular eye balls floating inside a viscous chamber. An eye functions like a camera. Light rays are incident on the eyes and the image formation takes place on the retina.

Eye disorders

Eye has other parts such as iris, cornea, pupil and optical nerves. The pupil refers to a small opening at the centre of the iris. Optical nerves connect eyes to brain. Whatever we see is encoded into a biochemical message and sent via neurotransmitters to the brain. The brain processes the image.
Online videos for eye care can help people understand how eyes function in coordination with the brain. Such videos can help eye specialists get in touch with patients requiring urgent eye care.

It is important to know eye disorders and their root causes. People should never panic at the mention of disease.
Diagnosis of the eye to find the exact eye disorder is quite important. The eye specialist studies the symptoms and decides the type of eye disorder.

Night blindness

It refers to the state when person cannot see anything during the night.


It refers to the state of swollen conjunctiva. Conjunctivitis is highly infectious.


If the person is both short-sighted as well as long sighted, this is definitely a case of astigmatism. A patient of astigmatism must wear glasses with bifocal lens.


It refers to a condition wherein the eye continually loses eyesight as the lens becomes more opaque. A complicated surgical technique is used for curing cataract.

Clinical testing

Eye testing helps optometrist to evaluate eye health. Clinical testing also helps the eye specialist to diagnose the blood vessels and muscles in the eyes.
The clinic consists of lighting aids and various advanced instruments used for eye testing. A helper may be present to assist the optometrist.

Online videos for eye care

Online videos for eye care helps people to know what happens at an eye test clinic.

During an eye test, a person will be asked to read letters from an eye chart. In medical terms, eye chart is called Snellen chart. The patient will have to look through a device known as phoropter. An eye specialist optometrist will ask patient’s response while trying out various lenses. In this way eyesight testing is done against standard dimensions. Retinoscopy is the name for this form of eye testing.

An auto refractor is a computerised technique to diagnose visual acuity. Based on the concept of refraction of light, the eye specialist conducts a health assessment. As light passes through the eye, the computer studies the patterns and eye reactions. Based on the evaluation, a chart is generated. This chart provides a data analysis of eyesight.

Colour vision test

This test is used to determine a person’s colour distinguishing abilities. The patient finds a series of images with dots in between which there are coloured numbers. The ability to see coloured numbers suggests accuracy in colour reception. Inability to distinguish between colours indicates a defect i.e colour blindness.

Corneal topography

A computerised map of cornea is developed at the eye clinic.
As the patient looks at an object, the computer captures thousand of images of the cornea.

The eye specialist conducts corneal topography for fitting contact lenses. Corneal topograhy is also a requirement for eye surgery.

Online videos for eye care: Promoting the need for eye health check up and care

Eye care is a fundamental aspect of health care. Online videos for eye care can help create awareness about the requirement of caring for our eyes. Regular eye care prevents occurrence of eye defects or eye disorders. With the help of videos, people can get first hand information about the beautiful and complicated camera like build-up of eye.

Through video platforms for eye care, eye specialists can get in touch with needy patients. They can spread awareness regarding the advanced eye testing facilities available at the clinics.