Best dental care video platforms

Tooth is a vital organ. It helps us in ingestion of food particles. Healthy provides a feeling of confidence. People with strong and healthy teeth have a nice smile. One can access best dental care video platforms to know more about oral health and hygiene.

Significance of e-learning about dental care

Through online videos based on dental care, dental specialists can share valuable tips for viewers especially dental patients. Viewers can come to know about basic dental terminology through videos.

Valuable information about tooth and dental tips can motivate viewers to invest time for regular dental care at Best dental care video platforms. Advanced level videos can explore more into dentistry and therapeutics. Such videos are helpful for the field practitioners as well as the students of dentistry.

Tooth disorder is a major clinical issue

The first activity of the morning is teeth brushing. Yet, maximum people suffer from major or minor dental problems.

Actually, people are not aware that a major part of the tooth is invisible and resides within the gums. This hidden part of tooth consists of nerves and blood vessels. People hardly invest any time in gum care.
Tooth decay is associated with a sensation of pain. Patients must try to remove dental problem as early as possible.

Prevention is better than cure

People should never ignore the slightest pain in tooth or gums. Else, the internal defect can keep proliferating. The defect can become serious and chronic. Dental check up helps to diagnose the underlying cause of pain. After diagnosis, treatment should start as soon as possible.

Proper care of teeth prevents tooth decay and disorders. Prevention is better than cure. Having the right diet protects our precious teeth from any decay or disorder. Also, one should brush not only in the mornings, but also in the night before going to bed.

A completely decayed tooth affects adjacent tooth. In worse cases, the only therapy left is the forceful extraction of the infected tooth.

Tooth structure

A tooth has a complicated structure. Its root is embedded in the gums and it is partially visible from the outside.

The topmost layer of a tooth is the enamel. It is white in colour. The layer below the enamel is the dentin. Further below is the gum. Below the gum lies the alveolar bone.
The pulp of the tooth is made of blood vessels and nerves. Gums are reddish pink in color.

To take care of whole teeth, simply brushing is not sufficient. Gums should be massaged everyday, as therein lies the root of the tooth.

Tooth types

Every tooth type has a specialized function. Incisors are the first 4 teeth in the front of the mouth. There are 4 incisors in the upper as well as lower arch. They grip the food particles. They help us in chewing the food. Incisors also help us in speech and phonetics.

Canines are adjacent to incisors. They have sharp edges. They can masticate or tear the solid food items. Canines help to eat thicker food items like sliced coconuts. Next, are the premolars and the molars.

To know more about the tooth structure, one must navigate best dental care video platforms.


Exfoliation refers to the natural process of milk tooth removal. After that a person gets permanent teeth. Permanent teeth should stays forever. But, people need to care for teeth everyday.

Tooth disorders

Tooth disorders must be diagnosed early. The diagnosis must be done by a specialist. The patients must look for the best dental care video platforms to identify the defect as precisely as possible. Thus, they will be able to contact the right dental specialist to get their problem corrected.

Yellowish teeth

Having yellow teeth indicates unhealthy teeth. One should be able to preserve the natural whiteness of teeth.


Any gap between adjacent tooth can becomes a centre of bacterial attack. Germ attack leads to cavity formation.


Feeling of discomfort in tooth when it touches very hot or icy food is known as sensitivity.

Bleeding gums

Most of the tooth is inside the gums. Chronic dental problems or head on accidents, cause rupture of blood vessels in turn causing bleeding of gums.

Any painful sensation in the gums indicates infected tooth. Gradual massaging of gums protects them pain or blood loss.


It refers to a state wherein bacterial infection leads to inflammation of the gums. It is very painful.


It refers to the state of swollen gum.

Tooth demineralization

If there is sugar buildup in tooth cavity, bacterial infestation takes place. These bacteria react with sugar to form acids. Acids react with minerals causing demineralization of tooth. The enamel gradually starts melting away.

Home based dental care solutions

One of the basic ways to take care of teeth is proper brushing. People should select medicated toothpastes for best results.
While doing brushing one should massage gums too
One must try soft brushing horizontally up and down. Too much pressure can lead to abrasion.
Rinsing tooth with salty water. People must rinse tooth with solution containing 1 spoon salt in 1 glass of water.
If one rinses with salty water after every meal, he will improve oral health by a great margin.
One can even rinse teeth using alum.
To get rid of tooth decay, one can try rinsing with Hydrogen Peroxide.
Massaging of tooth with clove oil is also good for oral health and hygiene.
Rinsing mouth with baking soda water solution. Baking soda prevents tooth decay.

Tooth treatment

Root canal treatments

It is an incisive technique of removing the impurities from tooth by acting deep and treating from the root of the teeth.
Before root canal treatment(RCT) an X ray of the infected part is conducted.

Dental implants

A person with improperly shaped teeth can resort to prosthodontics.
Implants are a temporary support for teeth until they are able to support themselves.

Right nutrition for tooth

To have heathy tooth, people must have Calcium rich diet. Drinking milk everyday is good for tooth.

Modern technololgies in dentistry


It is important for the dental patient to know the structure of his tooth. Radiology helps to detect the cause of tooth ache. When X rays are passed through, the invisible structure gets evident and can be printed. Using the X ray report, a dental specialist suggests a possible therapy.

3D printing of implants

3D Printing technology has influenced many aspects of life. In the field of dentistry, 3D printing has helped to make crown, dental implants, prosthetic tooth and dentures.

Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is used to solve problems like broken teeth and after effects. Prosthetic tooth can not replace real tooth. But, cosmetic surgery definitely improves facial aesthetics. It also provide support to real tooth in chewing food or during speaking.

Stem cell technology in dentistry

With the help of stem cell technology, dental specialists can prepare tooth using stem cells of patients. These tooth will have the features of real tooth. Thus, it will be possible for patients to get real tooth after losing permanent teeth. Stem cell technology is still in research phase.

Best dental care video platforms

Tooth restorations

Tooth defects or disorders can be restored in various ways. In case of a cavity, filling with alloy is done to cover the gap. Alternatively, the dentist will mount a crown on the enamel to protect it from bacterial attack. A ceramic made of ceramic will look naturally white like tooth itself. A crown can also be made of silver or amalgam i.e. a mixture of different materials. A bridge refers to a cemented structure in order to replace missing tooth or parts of the tooth. A veneer refers to an artificial cover on the tooth.

Online videos for dental care

Videos can help dentistry students select their specialisation. Videos can help viewers understand their tooth structure and have the right nutrition for healthy teeth. According to the American Dental Association(ADA) there can be 12 specialisations in the field of dentistry. One should search best dental care video platforms for getting relevant information. Dental students can choose to become oral radiologists or oral surgeons depending on their interests and level of expertise.