Online video education platforms

Live streaming is one of the best ways to market one’s skills for the intended clients. Free online video education platforms contribute to e-learning and prepare students to face the challenges of the dynamic world.

Live streaming for Mathematics classes

Mathematics is one of the most relevant subjects. It is also one of the most scaring. Mathematics experts can organize videos from the comfort of their homes, explaining tough concepts in a friendly manner. Concepts in Trigonometry or Permutations often seem tough at the beginning. But the tutor can connect the concepts with examples from daily life.

Students can practice the exercises without having to travel far and wide. A virtual video education platform helps students optimize the benefits of study room. They can derive higher value for the time and money invested. Guardians can be assured of the teacher’s ability in disseminating knowledge.

Initially, it may be difficult for a tutor to explain concepts using just a handheld camera. He has to learn to optimize the settings to prepare perfect videos. But once a person gets habitual, live streaming is a self gratifying experience. Students love hearing voices of their favorite tutors at home. Grasping the skills required to arrange virtual classes are a novel experience for the Mathematics tutors and can help them in their long term career prospects.

Online tutors are subject matter experts

They must study to sharpen their knowledge. Live streaming of educational content helps them to improvise their time for self learning and preparing educational videos. Online classes improve teacher’s significance for students and their guardians. Students can virtually interact with tutors from remote areas and attend demo sessions. They can record moments, when the tutor discusses tough or confusing concepts, in order to listen to those again.

Online classrooms can be made engaging with the help of study tools. Digital revolution in educational sector has introduced innovative techniques, helping both teacher and student derive the best learning outcomes. Adding a question and answer session after the classes helps to achieve conceptual understanding and build student collaboration. Teachers can motivate students by appreciating them for individual performances.

Difference between offline and online classes

To attend a regular class, students must reach their schools or tuition centers on time. Thus students face additional pressure of timely reporting. Online classes provide the benefit of location flexibility. Students need to be prepared and switch on their laptops at the right time. Time saved in transportation can be used in other activities such as revising concepts or gaming activities.

Online classes are smarter

As online classes are IT enabled, they help students and tutors to benefit from technological advances such as screen sharing, virtual white board etc. Students can ask questions without fear of embarrassment.

For offline classes students need to remember to bring study aids, including geometry boxes to their tuition classes. Otherwise, they miss out on the benefits of classroom practice. There is no such fear in online classes. Students have to keep the stuff ready with them, while attending the classes online.

Concentration is more important than attendance

Free online video education platforms help students concentrate on the educational content rather than competitor performances. Tutors have more time to evaluate test papers and discuss assessments individually with students. Students can spend more time with their guardians and connect their course with life skills. Guardians can virtually interact with tutors and pro-actively participate in the overall process.

Online classes are more engaging

Online classes could be made so interesting that study becomes a game-like activity for students. Thus, students can get absorbed in practicing questions, as if they are solving an interesting jigsaw puzzle. Live streaming educational content can make a subject like Mathematics more valuable and interesting for the learners. Free online video education platforms combine the benefits of self study with instructor led learning, in a fast paced digital environment.

Role of the tutor in digital education

The tutor plays a significant role in motivating the students through online media. He must be well versed in the application of modern educational tools. He must be prepared with his lessons and distribute relevant notes to the students. Tutor must give assignments regularly to ensure students are practicing daily. He can gradually raise the toughness levels of the questions.

The tutor must not overload the students with assignments. Assignments must be creative and innovative, so that the student feels naturally encouraged to complete them. He must be able to counsel students, in case they are not able to submit assignments timely. He must recommend the best practice material, helping the students to grasp novel concepts and retain them for long term.

Online classes empowering private tutors

Tutors can use online networks to influence students and build their own student networks. Thus a tutor is not under pressure of finding a job as a schoolteacher, where one is under a Principal’s surveillance. Online classes provide tutors the liberty to make class schedules, lesson plans, assess students, recommend practice material as per their jurisdiction. They can get in touch with students from distant locations. They can influence prospective students by creating their own websites, wherein they can mention performance records of former students.

Online classes empowering students

With online classes, students have access to high quality and unlimited educational resources. Students from remote or rural areas can prepare exceptionally well in their examinations. Students don’t have to travel to coaching venues everyday for regular practice. The time saved can be used for playing with friends. Online classes are quite affordable. So the talented students belonging to economically weaker sections will not be deprived of quality education.

The enhanced role of the study room

The interior design of the study room becomes very important in influencing the overall process. The laptop used for study purpose must be supported on an even surface. A study table is enough to act as a base for the laptop and other study accessories. The room needs to have sufficient lighting and proper acoustics so that student can pay proper attention. The walls can be decorated with charts, illustrating the important concepts and formula.

Challenges before tutors and online streaming

There is unlimited study content available on websites. It might be difficult for students to select the right best educational content or the right tutor online. They might be misled by hyped marketing and catchy promotions. Students need to make informed decisions and invest substantial time to select the right tutor for online classes.

Both the tutor and student needs to have sound internet connection. Any technical glitch can lead to network issues, which might affect the student’s study patterns and motivational levels.

Live streaming Mathematics classes- the trend

In future, the trend towards live streaming educational content is likely to rise. Due to digital reforms in education, private tutors have access to smart educational tools like whiteboards and screen sharing options. Students can spend more time inside their study rooms and invest extra time in cognitive skill development.

Private tutors have the opportunity of career stability by building a genuine student network. However, the excessive dependence on technology including computing aids or communications systems might affect student’s natural learning patterns. It’s important that time saved is used judiciously in playing games or hobbies, rather than distracting conversations.

The tutor plays a very significant role in influencing the process of education. He must know to encourage students to practice regularly through frequent assessments and practice tests. The tutors can present the difficult concepts in a creative and interactive style, motivating the students to study pro-actively and sincerely. Open and honest communication between the tutor and the student is a must for the success of the Free online video education platforms.