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Music is one of the most pleasing passions. Music can be a career choice for an aspirant. For a busy professional, music is a way to de-stress oneself. Listening to music is a kind of therapy. Music relaxes the mind. Thus, learning music enhances thinking ability. With the availability of modern educational platforms, teaching or learning music online is a simplified process.

Digital technology has made it possible to learn music through online video platforms. Instructors can conduct music classes from within their homes.

Private music tutors can launch a free educational video platform for teaching music. Online music classes provide location flexibility. Students can communicate with tutors from any corner of the world. World class music videos are available for genuine learners.

Music enthusiasts can select their favourite music maestro online. Learning video via online platforms is a top choice amongst students staying in remote areas.

How to select the right e-learning platform?

Music can be learnt in various ways. But firstly, a student needs to inspire oneself to learn. Beginners in music need to enroll in regular classes. They need to converse with the tutors and decide the class timings. Instructor-led training helps in overcoming the initial obstacles and grasping the basics.

Sincere students can gain lots of information through free online learning resources and music is no exception.

Alternatively, students can enroll in paid online classes to avail personal guidance. Students can also enroll in batches, where they can practice along side other students.

Music aspirants must select the right niche of music. Online music video tutorials provide music training in many areas, such as Indian or Western classical music. Students may get overwhelmed with such a huge variety. For more organised lessons, students must refine their choices. They need to select a specialization. Beginning something is easy, but completion is tough. So, it is important for students to select the niche, which is best suited to their voice and interests.

Online music video channels, helping in regular practice

Practicing music is the key factor helping in musical journey. Practice helps to proceed towards higher levels. Online music classes help students learn and practice at their own pace. Students must be careful enough to choose the right tutor. The tutor must be able to guide the student. He needs to motivate the learner throughout the musical journey.

By free educational video platform music lessons, private music tutors can build a good online reputation. Music learners and tutors find a congenial atmosphere, thanks to technology platforms of today. The tutor must be able to counsel the student to overcome the initial obstacles. He must also be able to give tips to the student, enabling them learn music in a systematic manner.

Any person who is passionate about music can establish himself as an online music tutor. The journey to establish oneself is tough. It requires lots of patience and persistence. The student also needs to be diligent.

To attend a music class online, the student must be prepared with the instrument. If the instructor asks the student to play a notation, he must obey immediately. The tutor must sincerely assess the student’s performance. Honesty of communication between tutor and learner is crucial. Honest communication is elementary to the long term success of the online musical classes.

Both tutor and student must be well versed in the application of Edtech platforms. They must be good at live streaming video technology.

Students must submit their reviews, motivating prospective students to join classes and embark on the musical voyage.

Learning music combines theory with practice. The music tutor must use high resolution photography to portray any musical notations and compositions.

The student needs to either write down the composition. Else the student must type in digital diary.

Every new chapter must be documented in a musical file. If the student is unable to follow instructions, it could be very difficult for him to undergo the journey of learning music.

Design of the music room

The student must have a separate music room to concentrate on the online lessons. In addition to laptop or smartphone, he must be prepared with earphones and microphones. There must be no distraction during classes. There must be a good learning atmosphere.

Learning music needs regularity and self discipline. Thus, the learner needs to wake up early in morning. Before class, he must be prepared with study materials and instruments. He must preferably maintain a dress code for the music class. Even the room can be designed according to the theme of music. The walls can be decorated with pictures or 3D models of instruments such as guitar, drums, flute or piano. The music room must have good acoustic features.

The tutor must be prepared with instruments and study material before the classes. Live streaming technology can benefit both masters and learners of music, provided both parties maintain due diligence and professionalism.

If the music teacher has many students connected online, he must create an atmosphere for synchronized learning. Online classes can never replace in-person classes completely. But, they can definitely substitute in-person classes in case of an emergency. The efficiency of an online class depends on the ability of tutor and student to derive benefits out of the smart features, provided by live streaming platforms.

Music, a wave that rises and falls

Music is a sound wave. So there are high and low points like the flow of a tide. Learning music carefully improves listening skills. Practicing music in isolation helps to understand scientific concepts like pitch and scale. Due to digital reforms, music can be transmitted efficiently. The ability to learn music from remote areas establishes a connect between student and tutor. Music is deeply connected with human emotion. So, distance is not an obstacle to a genuine learner.

Sound is formed by vibrations of particles of matter. Music refers to organised pattern of sounds. Different cultures have found diverse musical systems, although they are profoundly similar. Learning music helps in understanding inter-cultural dynamics connecting the globe. Renowned instrument players get opportunity to perform in live concerts in other nations. Both students and tutors need to stay informed of similar concerts.

Music tutors can keep in touch with passionate students through various ways. Tutors can send email notifications describing simple tricks of learning music faster. They can start a website portraying their musical journeys and accolades. Embedding their live concert videos will help students procure more information about the tutor. The website can also portray their former students and their reviews about the institute.

In-depth musical studies can help to understand complex mathematical ratios and their role in frequency. Music has an impact on brain’s biochemistry.

Musicians can use free educational video platform to search talented singers or instrumentalists through the online portals. They can provide initial training to the interested participants. The students can be prepared to face singing auditions. Finally, the musician can establish an online orchestra with the help of his pupils. As the pupils have developed understanding about the musician, they can best act to perform together and create an impact on the audience.


Digital platforms have provided a novel opportunity for the musical aspirants. Netizens interested to learn music can join online music classes. E-learning platforms help students and tutors connect with each other. Remote learning provides location flexibility. By using a free educational video platform for music, tutors can share their knowledge of music with genuine learners.

For live streaming the music classes, the tutor needs to be prepared with study material and instruments, before the pre-decided timings. The students must be prepared with all learning accessories. Musicians can use online streaming methods to select aspiring singers and potential channel, to start collaborating for professional success and reputation in the long term.