online video platforms for education

Digital reforms in education have introduced advanced educational techniques. Smart educational tools such as white boards have made it very simple for the tutors to explain difficult concepts. Earth Science is one of the most relevant subjects. But, it is also one of the most circuitous. Today, many friendly tools and techniques are available. With access to Top Online Video Education Platform, students can directly contact and learn from subject matter experts. Students residing in remote areas have access to e-learning platforms. Tutors can directly clarify students’ doubts online.

Earth Science or geology is introduced at pre-high school level. Logically, the students need to know about the planet where they live. Earth Science or Geology is also there at the university level in advanced versions. It is an important subject for students of Science and Engineering.

In traditional classrooms, the students often hesitate to raise questions publicly. This is out of fear of embarrassment. Teachers are also under pressure to complete the course before examinations. Such problems affect the overall process of learning. Therefore, learning seems like a mind-boggling process. Thankfully, digital reforms have revolutionized the process of education.

Showcasing the model of globe online

Tutors can showcase the model of the globe to highlight the different nations. Even a small model can be magnified to show specific details of a place.

Students with genuine interest in geology love to explore more about the landscapes and riverine ecosystems. Online classes provide them the support of knowledge along with motivation.

Explaining how to make contour maps

Tutors can explain the procedure to make contour maps via the online interface. They can simply draw it on paper and live stream the explanation. Alternatively, they can use digital markers to create contour maps and release the videos online.

Utilizing infographics and animated tools

Students can express their doubts or post their questions online. Individual doubts can be resolved, so that the students derive the best output from the e-learning platforms.

Infographics are a graphical means to present information comprehensively. The detailed information provided in books can be presented using pictographs. In this way student perception gets improved. Explaining via Infographics is a student- friendly technique.

Students learn and grasp details faster and retain them longer. Apart from graphical tools, tutors can use dynamic educational tools such as thematic slide backgrounds or custom animations.

Visiting places and live streaming the photographs

Concepts such as topography of a place can be explained, if the tutor actually shows such photographs. Tutors can visit plateaus or mountains to show the land and relief features there. They can also share pictures of sand dunes or cascades, by visiting such places and recording videos for their students. They can edit the videos by adding captions prior to releasing them online.

The photographs must be of very good quality. Every online tutor must know about parametrics like pixel resolution to share good quality images via top online video education platform.

Online performance assessment techniques

Geography tutors can conduct performance assessments to track student progress. Digital innovations in education have made it easy for tutors to assess performances and keep a record.

Tutors can make examination papers using Google forms and send it to their student base. They can use graphics in their examination papers to make them interesting.

Tutors can make multiple choice questions, short or long answer type questions to test student knowledge. The correction of objective questions can be automated.

Online doubt resolution portals

Tutors can ask students to present speeches or seminars, using power point slides based on different chapters. Then tutors can send grades based on their evaluation.

Creating in-person class impact

Online classes have empowered the tutors by helping them directly contact students and resolve their doubts.
Students can post their questions on the top online video education platform or send them via emails.

Utilizing online payment systems

Tutors can discuss concepts such as climate or environment by reaching a certain place and drawing students’ attention. They can create the effect of personalised interaction and help students maintain their inquisitive approach.

Rewarding systems

Tutors can ask their students or their parents to pay fees on a regular basis using various online payment systems. They can send notifications about payment awaited or payment received.

The tutors can reward the students for their exceptional performances. They can send digital certificates online. Certificates will have the name of the educational institute. So, tutors can self brand their educational initiatives. Tutors can also send gifts via parcel. Parcels can reach student addresses within just 4-5 days.

Issues with online geography classes

For online geography classes, a robust internet connection is required. Students and tutors must be able to listen to each other. Any disturbance can create auditory issues. Such technical issues can hamper the overall process of knowledge dissemination.

Some people might not trust digital techniques of performance evaluation. Some people may doubt the ability of the tutor or his educational credentials. Some students may not be willing to pay on-time. Many people still expect offline examinations to be better than online examinations.

Scope of online video based geography classes

Such confusions must be dealt with using proper student teacher interaction. Online tutors must have a reliable student base. Tutors must update records of previous students. They must promote their educational initiatives in creative and interesting manner.

Online geography classes give the tutor the opportunity to explain concepts in unique ways, which is sometimes not possible inside traditional classrooms. Tutors can describe methods such as weather forecasting or seismic systems.
Traditionally, teachers have to write things on blackboard and tell students to note them in their notebooks. But, students have varying writing speeds. Such factors affect the overall process of teaching or gaining information.

Online portals provide uniformity as students can learn at their own pace. They can download a lecture or record certain sections to focus on them later on, as per their convenience.

In traditional classrooms there is a lot of commotion. Mostly, all students are unable to hear what the teacher says. The teacher has to raise his voice to keep the students attentive.Such distractions affect the actual purpose of providing or receiving knowledge. In online education portals, there is effective communication and learning can be attained quickly.


Geology or geography is a fundamental subject as it enriches us with the knowledge about our own planet. But at times, it might get confusing and hectic.

Online geography classes can help both teachers and learners by providing them with a friendly educational network. Tutors can share their in-depth knowledge using smart educational tools coupled with their innovative styles.

They can influence the formal process of education and add creativity to it. By using a globe, tutors can explain concepts like hemisphere or equator.

Tutors can visit places with riverine ecosystems to explain concepts like rapids or cascading waterfalls. Tutors can explain procedure to draw contour maps and live stream the process. They can use infographics to present detailed information in a student friendly technique. Thus top online video education platform is a profitable venture.

Online classes can actually be more effective than traditional classes, as students can learn at their own pace. They have more opportunities to express their doubts or queries. Tutors can assess student performances through interesting online examinations and presentation reviews.