Video-based learning helps to make education interactive. Online video education platform make it possible for instructors to communicate with students from anywhere.

Chemistry finds application in all walks of life. From soaps to Lithium ion batteries, Chemistry finds application everywhere. Can there be a world without pharmaceuticals? Can we imagine lifestyle without Aluminium or Stainless steel. So, learning Chemistry musty never be limited to text based learning. Nor can learning be limited to classroom lectures.

Importance of testing and experimentation

Observation of how the reaction takes place is a great feeling.

Students are excited to see reactions within a test tube. Such an experience generates a positive feeling of self-learning.

Reading from Chemistry books can make the student feel tired. During examinations, students can’t sleep properly due to examophobia. Video based learning makes academics a student-friendly experience. To simplify their coursework, students must search for Online video education platform.

Chemistry is an important and interesting subject. Chemistry experiments like titration seem like magic performance. But studying from a Chemistry textbook seems hectic. Students find it tough to learn so many scientific names and formula. The list of chemical reactions is too long.

Often, students keep flipping through the pages without understanding properly. Even good students cram the chapters. Such learning practices lead to misconceptions in students. Education must be according to natural learning capability in students.

Scientific experiments are required to test the validity of textual information. Experiments testify the textual knowledge. Experiments enlighten the mind. Students feel satisfied in their quest.

Learning compound formation or equation balancing is crucial to understanding Chemistry. Inside a classroom setting, instructors explain the chapters one by one. Due to the course length, they cannot explain every concept. Often, they have to rush through with the chapters.

Most institutions have laboratories for Chemistry. But, they are not always accessible to students. Student safety is a priority for the school administration. Chemistry experiments may be risky. Students might not obey the precautions. Such factors reduce the numbers of practical classes.

It is difficult to organise enough theory along with practical classes. Teachers find it tough to make a schedule.

Studying experimental procedure from a Chemistry experiment manual is quite tedious. Its important that the student gets to see the reaction taking place.

Importance of experimental videos for teaching concepts

Experimental videos for Chemistry capture the inside settings of a Chemistry laboratory. The instructor must know to place the camcoder at a perfect angle. He must ensure that the videos are automatically recorded. The instructor can take professional help during the recording process, if required. He must ask the students to provide feedback, in order to make the teaching process effective.

Laboratory Experiments in Chemistry can range from very simple to very difficult. Litmus test for acid or base testing is the easiest. But, still students require hands-on eexperience. Easy experiments are often left out due to lack of time. Students are under pressure to somehow pass the examinations.

Litmus test- the first ever experiment in Chemistry

Litmus test is the first and most basic experiment to understand Chemistry. It distinguishes between acid and base.

Litmus paper is a small blue or red coloured paper strip.
An acid turns blue litmus paper red. A base turns red litmus paper blue. This experiment hardly takes 5 to 10 seconds. The scene of colour change is the most interesting.

Though this experiment is very easy, teachers must not ignore its value. To develop a strong footing in Chemistry, every student must have hands-on experience in Litmus test.

Demonstrating the laboratory apparatus via Video platforms for education

With the help of experimental videos, instructors can explain the laboratory apparatus and glassware. They can explain the utility of each and every glassware.

Instructor can inspire the students to draw diagrams of the glassware, in order to remember those. Glassware includes test tube, funnel, conical flask, pipette, burette, measuring cylinder etc. Students like the inside environment of a laboratory, rather than a textbook page. But due to lack of time and examination pressure, students can’t properly avail the benefits of learning Chemistry.

Apart from laboratory glassware, a Chemistry laboratory shall have other amenities. A digital weighing balance is used for measuring the weight as the chemical is placed on the circular steel plates. A burner or heating plate is used to raise the temperature of the chemicals. A thermometer is used for temperature measurement.

In general, there are 4 types of apparatus: glassware, measuring equipment, thermal equipment and holding apparatus or stand.

A chemistry laboratory will have different chemicals. Each one is kept in a sealed bottle. Organic compounds include Acetic acid, Acetaldehyde etc. Chloroform is a dangerous chemical. If left in open state, it will cause anaesthesia. Inorganic compounds include Nitric acid, Hydrochloric acid etc. Acids can be dilute or concentrated. For reasons of safety, only dilute acids based experiments are done.

Explaining concepts through experiments

As the students advance to higher classes, there is increased academic pressure. Students also face the pressure of competition with peers.

Instructors can direct the student minds towards real learning. Through salt identification tests, instructors can help students learn to distinguish between salts. Simple concepts like solution formation can be eye-openers for those afraid of chemistry

Observing a reaction take place helps the student learn to connect theory with practical implications.

The instructor should be able to give real life examples to make Chemistry a student- friendly subject. He can relate the concept of temperature to simple examples like boiling. The examples of changes in state or phase, due to property changes is the essence of Chemical change. Experimental videos make it easy for students to learn such basics of Chemistry.

The instructor can use cryptic parts of the textbook to make lesson plans. Thus, he can ensure that students are understanding the concept, according to the syllabus requirement.

The speed of data transmission is much higher nowadays. Thus the experimental videos can be live streamed faster. Students pick up concepts very quickly by watching interesting videos. They are eager to learn more. Students can ask questions if they don’t understand a specific step.

Online video education platform
are accessible to students, even when they are absent for some reason such as having fever or common cold. Thus, absent students can be in touch with the instructor through remote learning.

Digital reforms in education

With digital reforms in education, it is easy for instructors to make the process more interactive.

As education is aimed at student welfare and success, the process must take their aspirations into consideration. Its important for a student gets a better understanding of Chemistry through tested examples. Then, he develops strong concepts which always help him in career path.

Practical classes to provide online fun learning experience

Students are scared of doing the practicals. The fear is due to uncertainity regarding desired resuls.

By watching live streamed videos, students can develop greater confidence level in the subject. Students shall eagerly await the practical examinations, instead of feeling nervous. They will watch online practical experiments more eagey.

Equal weightage for practical exams

The examination papers need redesigning in this era of digital learning. There should be more emphasis on practical learning. Learning programs must be able to provide individual assessment. Students should get more opportunities for hands-on learning.

Awareness of safe handling practices should be provided. Any incident of glassware breakage must be prevented.

Students must learn to take care of the Scientific apparatus just like their own toys or books. Instructors must be able to make creative examination papers.

Enhanced role of student guardians in education

If Chemistry experiments are accessible via live streaming, students can watch the videos in company of parents. Both students and parents can cherish such moment of scientific learning.

Parents can be assured that they are getting value for money invested. Instructors can foster good and long term associations with the parents of their students. Such associations will be mutually beneficial in the long term. Parents and instructors will have more confidence in the overall process of education.


Digital reforms in education have made a subject like Chemistry very easy to understand. Students need to seek Online video education platform.

By observing the experimental videos, students can develop genuine interest in the subject.

E-learning helps students learn from comfort of their homes. They can improve their basics through careful observation. Smarter students feel more confident during practical assessments. Instructors can design better ways to assess student performance.

Through demonstration of Chemistry experiments, education can be an immersive experience. A digital platform helps both instructors and students to derive mutual benefits.